Abbie Asadi






Hi and welcome to Abbie Asadi Photography. 

I am Abbie, photographer and founder. Here you will find me and my iPhone capturing beautiful photographs for personal and business use.

I love to be creative and feel most at home working on images that can be used to enhance your business and personal brand on all social media platforms, websites and blogs. For me its all about creating connection and building memories in all I do.


Abbie came to my home and took a portrait photo shoot with my teenage twin daughters using several areas around our outdoor farmland and front garden as a backdrop. We are amazed at the quality of the photographs so much that I will be putting a couple of the best pictures on canvas! Abbie also took some flatlay shots for using on social media and my website for my business. very pleased with the results! Incredibly talented! Thank you.

Shelley, Wiltshire