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I am...

Ive been working on this statement for nearly a week now and I have to say at the moment it doesn't get easier trying to look at yourself not just on surface level, especially on those mornings when you wake up and you're not quite ready to face the day, things take a little longer to process and come together.

We use this statement A LOT and especially when describing what we do.

- I am a photographer

- I am a mum

- I am a lover of books

and so on, but is this really enough, are we giving the people that relate and buy from our business enough of an understanding of who we are to warrant them purchasing our items or services?

Im not saying they should know when you last did your washing or if you've forgotten to tax your car for instance, but sharing what your values are and how they influence your work and what you set out to achieve in life could be of real benefit.

I recently shared an Instagram post introducing myself to my followers and a little more about me and if for nothing else, it provided some self validation that what I do and show up for everyday was right for me and should be the message that Im sharing with the world.

It is now without a doubt that I lead straight from the heart, it governs pretty much all that I do and it wouldn't feel right otherwise. Yes, I have to use other tools in my toolbox but without leading with love and from the heart you wouldn't be getting the images and the offerings that I share with you every day. You wouldn't be getting these heart led blog posts, I wouldn't be striving to continually help others in any way I can and also if I don't love what Im doing you're just not going to get the best of me.

This blog, as well as being something of interest to read is also a very cathartic process for me when I am in a good writing space. It has allowed me whilst writing today to come up with some new I am statements.

- I am always leading from the heart

- I am leading with love

- I am working to bring people together for the good

- I am a photographer who creates stories and memories

- I am a parent who works hard to love and provide for her children

- I am ME

Who are you?

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