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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

We often say we don't have enough of it, we don't use it efficiently or we've wasted it. Is that really the case?

As humans, we know its not infinite. We all (albeit sometimes subconsciously) have a timeline in mind and what we should be doing and when by. Schooling, graduating, relationships, children, THAT job, THE house and so on. Ive certainly been pray to it.

We wake up each day as adults and understand the responsibilities we face and we endeavour to fulfil those and maybe squeeze a few things in for ourselves at the same time to top up our tanks/cups.

As a kid and for kids now, time is not so relevant in the day - to- day. Yes they all get excited when its a birthday coming up, how many more days until Christmas (insert other holidays here) and other important events, but each day they wake up and they do what they want and generally on their terms and time frame.

They are not always concerned when lunch is, they will snack ALL DAY. They are not worried about the weather and squeezing something in before it rains and they don't always see the need to get dressed. Why would you when its far more comfortable in your pants!

Im sat looking at a photograph of my daughter this morning and seeing how little she looks whilst her Dad is messaging me that she's shouting at him for taking her hair out (she's 5 now) and I just felt that time was relevant right in that moment. Where had that time gone, how had she got so big and opinionated, what had I achieved, where were we and what were we doing.

Then I stopped and had a little think about it. In that time (about 3 years) LOTS has happened. The kids are now 5 and 6 years old, we had moved house and about to again soon, relationships have changed and are moving on, we've changed cars, the kids are now both at school, Ive started a business that is evolving and changing constantly, Im beginning to understand myself a lot better, I feel the fittest and healthiest I have in a long time and LOCKDOWN 2020! Thats just scratching the surface.

My job is to capture moments, memories and quite significantly I believe now time. Without cataloguing through photos we can often loose the history that belongs in our timeline and for those around us. Id like for more of us to take a more childlike approach to time and enjoy it for the moment that we are in and not searching for the grand plan.

It won't all be productive or positive, but Im learning that it is all significant and makes your life special and unique. Enjoy the moments, capture the memories, we can never have enough photos. If we live it rather than trying to make it, time will inevitably beat to our clock.

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