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Coming together in Lockdown

A Google definition of neighbour: any person in need of ones help or kindness.

During the worlds current slow down and reform one thing has really stood out for me and that’s the coming together of neighbours and those in close geography of me and my family.

Everyone’s really stepped up in communicating and offering and providing goods, services and time. My hope is that in our new normal that this practice continues as I know I have certainly benefited in many ways from it. This lovely bounty was shared by my neighbour Anne, of which I couldn’t say no to and was lovingly devoured for my dinner.

It’s these small acts of kindness that fill my bucket, reduce footprint and ultimately food wastage.

Food wastage is something that has really been flagged as an issue for me during these times. The panic to buy and stock up was high on peoples agendas without much thought of the impact that would have short term and long term.

It has made me more aware of stretching foods, bulk cooking and making things go further, using up ingredients and also being creative with what I have in in the cupboards and fridge. Ive always liked to just throw things together, but I have surprised myself with a couple of recipes (future blog post).

Taking on the mentality of waste not, want not needs to be reinforced and re educating people to grow their own and how to use their food will lead to you never being in need or share with those who do.

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