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I have to admit that the past couple of days have been a struggle for me content wise. Occasionally I have a day or two (or three) where I have a dip in inspiration and choose just not to post rather than make up some narrative that I don’t fully believe in.

For me, my pictures are all about the story behind it and creating connection with others. If I can’t connect with the image, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to make you feel something.

In times like these I go back to the trusty old cookbooks and have a flick through and am often reminded of dishes I haven't made in a while or get the push to try something I’ve always skipped past.

Today I did just that, I reached for the first book my hand touched and just sat with a coffee and turned the pages. Taking time to re group, re focus and re discover what I love.

A good friend and mentor Ryan Hartley always advocates for doing what you love and I fully believe in what he says.

Right now, Abbie Asadi Photography is a fledgling business and especially in the times we are facing I could have just put it on the shelf for another time BUT I know that this is something I love to do and that someone somewhere in the great wide social media world is benefitting from the content I’m creating and seeing that I love what I do, and hopefully inspiring them to do the same.

Love what you do despite the blips in inspiration and go give to the world. When the time is right the world will give back.

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