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Photo Challenge

I always aim to look for inspiration everywhere I go. Be that out on walks, reading books, whilst listening to music, things I'm eating and the list goes on.

Some days though, when I know I'm keen to post a photo and I might not be at home in the studio, ideas don't always flow. So here is a list that we can all use when we get a little inspirationally challenged.

1. Something green

2. Shadows

3. Black and white

4. Animals

5. Something you love

6. Hobbies

7. Your breakfast

8. Mirror selfie

9. Dreams

10. Movement

11. Favourite time of day


13. All about me

14. From where I stand

15. My happy place

16. Up

17. Thankful

18. Senses

19. Morning light

20. Texture

Share your photos that you take with me over on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/whatmakesyouclick

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