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The iPhone Wedding Photographer

Turn back the clock even just a year and I would not have been able to predict that someone would ask me to capture one of their most precious memories.

I can now officially call myself a wedding photographer. I dabbled a long time ago now with my brother and sister in laws wedding on what some deem to be a "real" camera, but I can say now that I was nervous and inexperienced (although they were very happy with the outcome) and could have probably done better.

The past year has brought about a lot of change and learning in all aspects of my life, none less so than working with people and businesses to capture images to support their stories and dreams.

Ive done nothing other than be myself and hope that this has reflected in the work produced. Not to say that I haven't practiced, read, trained and sought support to continue my own growth, but ultimately Ive showed up as myself and shown what I can bring to the table.

There have been many posts lately on social media where fellow photographers are asked "how does your camera take such great photos?". As much as the camera plays a part, I believe wholeheartedly that its the vision and execution of the person behind the camera that produces the great photos.

Being an iPhone photographer I am often met with surprise when people realise what you have used to produce your photos. I am here as proof that it is definitely the person and the vision more so than the equipment.

The iPhone 12 Pro excels in its technology and as such I am an international award winning iPhone photographer. Producing photos on the iPhone 12 Pro that are recognised amongst my peers as outstanding pictures.

I love the journey that being a photographer can take you on. I think my bias will tend to be food, but Im certainly developing a sweet tooth for people and moments of pure joy which I witnessed capturing Leyla and Niall's wedding.

There are no limitations to your skills if you are willing to try and work hard and continuously reach to do what you love. Whatever your camera the magic lies in the person behind it.

Abbie Asadi - International Award Winning and Wedding iPhone photographer

May 2021

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