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What are the iPhone Photo Awards?

Every month a group of highly talented iPhone photographers from all over the world, come together within a fairly exclusive community to showcase their work. Submitted photographs from members are judged and if selected, curated for a monthly collection of the best iPhone photos.

I came across the iPhone Photo Awards via instagram.

I debated for a while as to whether I should, or would in fact be good enough to put myself up amongst these seasoned creatives. I then had an opportunity to enter a competition on Instagram at the end of 2019 to win a membership with iPhone Photo Awards and was successful.

Winning the membership opened up my eyes to possibilities.

I all of a sudden had a chance to develop my iPhone photography and showcase it to a much wider market. Each month as mentioned, the awards open up for submissions to the next collection. There are no stipulations for categories. Each photographers profile and gallery are available to browse and its clear that everyone has different styles and tastes when it comes to iphonography.

I had to take this chance and submit some photos for the current collection (28) and only submitted one (up to three are free each month) without any doubts that this would be more of an admin exercise than actually going on to be selected!

My first submission of "Blue Whale at The Natural History Museum" was selected for the 28 collection. My heart couldn't stop smiling. One of my photos was recognised within my extended peer group as being a great iPhone photograph. There was nothing I needed more to get me to submit again for the following month and now here at month three (30 collection), I have had a photo selected for the past three months. An achievement that as someone new to the business, I'm still trying to let sink in. This is for real and other people love my photos. Talk about mind blown.

With each recognition, as a member of iPhone Photo Awards, you are awarded badges which add up as you progress. They depict your level within the peer group from Member all the way through to Grand Member (currently). Having now won three recognitions my badge is officially Member.

I can't wait to add to those accolades.

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