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What is perfect?

Over the past few weeks, our wind down routine of an evening has been to look back at videos of the kids when they were super little and smile, reminisce and talk about the memories and anything else that crops up. I love that the children appear to remember so much. Im not entirely sure if that is down to the amount of documenting that we do these days or that they really do remember so much more.

Its great that I get to be the lucky one who gets to photograph and video them. I get to witness not only first hand but also down the line the amazing and fun, silly and sometimes tantrum filled things that they do. I can see from looking back at these videos particularly the progress that our children make in such a short space of time in their lives and how very often its never perfect or they are not afraid of the change.

One particular video stood out to me last night and that was of my daughter who had created the cathedral (a small tower) from duplo (she was around 2 years old at the time). She lifts it up to show me and as she does that it breaks and falls to the ground.

The remarkable thing about this which I noted more this time watching it, is that she doesn't get fazed by this. She looks at me, looks at the duplo and just starts to re build. Taking her time once again with the pieces and making her masterpiece. The finished piece is not the same as the original but she is just as pleased with her work and what she has achieved.

Its likely that it is reflective of the stage I am currently in in my life but I also feel this would resonate with so many, in that life and what we do doesn't have to be perfect to feel good, special, accomplished, achievable, obtainable, I could go on.

If its your vision and your goal and you are learning and loving what you are doing then it doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need right now. If its working for you then its perfect for you right now.

I love photography, Im not in the biggest growth phase, but Im always taking photos, loving taking photos, working and helping others with their passion projects and in the process of creating one of my own. Its not all perfect but its my perfect because its serving me and it makes me feel good and in turn will serve others.

So much to learn from our children and how they go about their daily lives.

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