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Whats your why?

For a very long time I had no idea of what this was or maybe I thought I knew but really it was just the surface stuff that I would reach out for, family, my kids, earn money, great house, holidays and so on.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things and they are very much still on the list but this year got me questioning what else? What do I really want to be doing with my life and why do I want to do it?

In truth I think it will forever be evolving and really why not. A good friends why is to strive to always be Always Better Than Yesterday and this is what I want to be. I always want to be making sure that I can be better and offer more for my family, kids, friends and those that need me and thats regardless of the payback in money, house, holidays and material things. The biggest motivator is love. Love what you do and who you do it with and for. Its that simple and who would have thought that.

Through my photography this year I have gravitated towards food photography although I also enjoy architecture and people, but I believe now this was for a bigger reason. Through my photography I have been able to tell the stories associated with food, talk about the people and their experiences with food. Create connection with others over on Instagram and Facebook through food and ultimately produce lasting memories.

What this has brought me to is that my why is to bring people together over food in a way that allows each and every person to experience the love and feelings that food can evoke. I am more sure than ever that I need to make sure as many people as I can reach out to get to experience a home cooked meal wherever that may be. To experience the time, thought and love that has gone into preparing that meal for that person and to feel joy with every mouthful and connect with the person sat next to or opposite you.

For me there are not many greater connections and levellers than love and food.

Watch this space for further developments on my why.

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